Shiba Inu Pictures

Shiba Pictures

Shiba Inu by the red hills

This is me at the Painted Hills in Oregon. What a beautiful place. I loved it but wish I was free!

Shiba Inu at the lake

Again, it's hard to get a good picture of me as I am always sniffing. But I love new places and there's lots to do at the lake. Just don't put me in the water as I don't like to swim!

Shiba Inu at the beach

The beach is one of my favorite places. I like to run free in the sand, dig, and pick up things on the beach, like seaweed, deceased crabs, or even deceases birds!

Shiba Inu with baby

I am not aggressive and am good with babies and kids but would rather be sniffing. If I am at home, then I love to lick you!

Shiba Inu on the bridge

One last pose before I go to the beach. Don't hold me up for long!